27. 2. 2011

It takes all kinds

My taste in music lacks direction.
Honestly, I cant think of any kind of music that has a soul (effort put into it by the makers) that I do not like! From Prodigy to Edith Piaf, I just enjoy almost anything they put on.
Is anyone else out there like me? Or do you have a style you prefer? Post some bands you like if you have 'em!

Yesterday, as I was on my way to rehersal Ive met 2 of my old time buddies. They were on there way to a concert so after my stuff I went to check it - much to my pleasant surprise, it was a Death Core night :D
What is Death Core you ask?

I admit, it is an acquired taste, but you dont know whatcha missin when you get thrown around in a Mosh Pit. Some pretty good local bands pulled out some heavy duty stuff - my neck is still sore from all the head banging :D
Have you ever been to such an event? Do you like Moshing?
I couldnt have gotten enough of it - I just dropped dead exhausted at the break of dawn and woke up with the kind of munchies that cause a Zombie Holocaust!

Appriciating feedback

2 komentáře:

mac-and-me řekl(a)...

not quite my style, but interesting nontheless

sildude řekl(a)...

Depending on the mood I listen to different things.